Monday, June 11, 2012

fuhhhhhh...long time no see.berhabuk dah.

i think this blog need new face.
i'm now have 100% time for updating this blog again.
thank God i did finish my bachelor degree.. :D

Saturday, September 3, 2011

cakes for you!!

the time is so jealous for me..so,
                                          let's make pictures story about them ..ok?

                                             everyone favvy! scrumptious black forest~


                                             top side of mouth-watering chocolate moist

                                                                whole pic :)

                                                              another angle~

                                      vanilla sponge cake with reddish pink buttercream deco~
                                        *credit to cuppacakes.blogspot.com for the inspiration

                                          same flavour cake with green buttercream deco

                                                     petite choco ball cakes~
                                              so cute for your child birthday party :)

                              -->>> dearest customers, millions of thanks for the orders. :))

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Selamat Hari Raya

pics of  ordered cakes for raya will be update soon.
see ya~

Thursday, August 25, 2011

raya cookies~

few days ago,i really busy with this cookies..
hope all customers are satisfied with them..

here some pics for the record.. :)
                       cornflake  choc vs. crunhcy bubble choc with special free gift --> choc cupcake.

in different colour,huhu

                                                    more free gifts for you. :-D

Sunday, August 21, 2011

raya oh...raya..

ovenbakecake is starting busy with biscuits,cakes and cupcakes orders for Eidulfitri.
see u soon~

Friday, August 19, 2011

friday pictossss!! buttercream release.

entry b4 ni actually utk las week..
xterpublish lak..
so yg ni for this week.. :))
my improvement for butter cream..laagii,haha~
[readers jgn bosan ye.selagi sy tak puas ati,slagi tu sy akn ulang2 dan ulang ulang smpai ati ni puas.. ngEe]

tema still lagi same --> bunga- bungaan di taman.enjoysss!

                                                               my first flower!

                                                         more flowers to go~

                         jaajangg!! flowery jungle.. [lepas wat pinky roses,lupe dah nk amek gambr]

                                                      blurry close up in purpose. ^__^

                                         kudup bunga yg besar! imagine if die da kembang..

                                               dan laagiiii................

ohhooo,da byk ni..cukuplah. utk concludenye, tgk kt bawah k.

semoga sy blh create bunga yg lagi cntik n kemas in future.... :D

buttercream lagi...

dah semggu x update entry...
sori semua! a bit bizi2 wat persiapan biskut2 dan kek raya yang di oder..
entry lepas,saya ade jnji nk bg result flower dr butter cream kan..
jom2~ tp xbrape nk mnjdi jugak..due to ingredient xbape nk cukup..utk prektis,boleh la..
besela first time kan, agak2 comot n kureng santek..
tape2, bak kate omputih--> practice makes perfect.

                                testing.testing.1..2...3.. *cupcakes yang tade tema,ignorekan die*

                                         haa,inilah bentuk2nya hasil dari my first nozzle set. :)

                                                 dan lagi.............

                              yang ni adela sikit temanya--> bunga2 di hutan.huhu

                             bunga2 unsur biru itu adalah mutasi dr adik lelaki bongsu saya.
                             "nak sgt bunga biru2.orang dah cakap xcantik,tak caye..."
p/s: forgive me for the not-so-nice-pictoss.gegar n byk sgt noise.
     tgn xbpe cukup alignment and fon byk kali jatuh, nila result die.. T__T
     hemmm tmbah wishing list-->> latest coolpix camera please..ohho~

Thursday, August 4, 2011

first time working with laden of butter cream

ahhhh..~ that butter cream smell really get my head in great dizziness!
but then no worries, it is still under control.
no wonder la, first time working with laden of it. masa belajar dulu,buat sikit2 je.
walaupun masa drive petang tadi agak2 fenin lalat sikit.
don't lose hope farah! go,go,go fighting! buttercream je kan..
awak dah lalui lagi perit sebelum ni kan~ (mood=pujuk diri sendiri)

see..a last part of great-dizziness-almost-half-kg-buttercream. haha~ u cannot defeat me okai!

after 4 hours continuously, at last all the 24 variety pieces of nozzle tips i had already discovered!
lame kut buat..ye la..smbil testing nozzle tu sempat lagi chat kt fb..web walking kat blog orang,huhu. tu pun just nak hilangkan pening.xkanla nk minum air kut..agak2 la Ramadhan yang mulia ni. :)

                                mase ni la baru nak appreciate sky juice betul-betul.

haaa? nozzle tu ape..?? oh ye,tu term kami2 mase buat theory about cake and pastry.
sebenarnye, nozzle tu adalah bende ni...sile refer gambar di bawah ni. saya tak berapa sure ape orang melayu panggil this thing. tu la, dah selalu asek sangat blaja dalam english, kang da lupa asal usul..uhuhuu. (no offend k ;))  English tu bagus..Bahasa Melayu tu terbaik!

                  nozzle ini berkod a8, a14 dan a18. kod ini hanyalah reference ovenbakecake.blogspot.com sahaja ye.harap maklum.

ohhh, bantal dah memanggil. nak tengok hasil die?? tunggu~~


Monday, August 1, 2011

ohhhh! i've fallen in love with these..

a bit web walking with uncle goog..a.k.a the most popular web searcher--> google!.
then, i bumped into these....they look so tempting and mouth-watering..ahhhhhh~

u want such like these..??? give me a text k.. :)

pinky sweet cuppy~

or these?? simple but yet sooo nice

your option. how about having a heavy choc on top?

pastel colours for your baby shower, maybe?

anyone, animal theme??

faces of Malaysians.. or maybe Harimau Malaya..aaAAUUMmm!

RED. brave and gorgeous.

i'm looking forward, who is the lucky one to enjoy these cuppies!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

cuppy cakes for brother's E-Day

i actually have done some pastry and cake items before this. but then, no pictures are taken. only this cupcakes got their memory. after this i should always take a snap for all the items i make.

cupcakes with baby blue and pink in colour as requested by my beloved brother made from marble cake and fondant topping. let's the pictures do the talk.

                               marble cakes ready for the next step.

after the frosting process, here the result. Tadaa~